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Please review our Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy so that you may understand our policies and practices, which governs your visit to, and the transactions made on, our Website.

All online orders made on a working day will be processed on the next working day. "Working day" means any day from Monday to Friday but excludes public holidays, based on Singapore's calendar.

An online order made on a non-working day shall be deemed made on the next working day.


1. Online Orders

By making an online order through www.pacificbookstores.com, you agree that you are making an irrevocable offer to us and we reserve the right, without prior notification, to decline your offer. We may need to verify the information provided or request for further information prior to the acceptance of any online order. We will attempt (but not be obliged) to notify you in writing or inform/call you, as soon as possible, once we have accepted your online order.


Non-Acceptance of order

In the event that we do not accept your order, it may be a result of any of the following:


1.1 Formation of a Contract

The display of the products or services on our Website shall not constitute an offer of the same for sale but an invitation to treat. No contract in respect of any products or services ordered by you shall exist between you and us until your online order has been accepted. An online order may be submitted by following the online shopping process on our Website. After your online order is successfully submitted you will receive an "Acknowledgment of Order". The receipt of an Acknowledgement of Order does not constitute the acceptance of an online order or a confirmation of an offer to sell.


1.2 Consent

The products and services available on our Website, including any prizes given away as part of promotional events, are for personal use only. You may not sell or resell any of the products, services or prizes which you purchase or otherwise receive from us.


1.3 Prices

All prices shown on our Website are inclusive of GST and are in Singapore Dollars.
Delivery costs will be charged in addition to the listed price of the items ordered, if applicable. Any such additional charge will be clearly displayed and included in the 'Grand Total' upon checking out and submission of an online order.


1.4 Payment and Card Authorisation

The following credit and debit cards are acceptable for online payment subject to the card issuers' clearance and approval:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

By making online payment through credit or debit card, you declare that you are duly authorised to use the said credit or debit card and you undertake not to reverse or cancel the said payment once cleared and approved by the card issuer. In the event that the said payment is reversed or cancelled by the card issuer for any reason whatsoever, you undertake to make alternative payment as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to withhold your related online order pending receipt of your alternative payment. Our online receipts are issued subject to the stated payment not being reversed or cancelled by the relevant card issuer for any reason whatsoever.

When making payment for an online order with a credit or debit card, please ensure that the available balance or credit limit, as the case may be, is sufficient to complete the transaction.


1.5  Refusal / Variation of Online Orders.

We reserve the right to withdraw any products or services offered on our Website from time to time. The display of any products or services on our Website at a particular time does not guarantee that the products or services will be available. We will inform customers via the given contact information in the event we run out of stock.

We will use our best efforts to process all online orders but in exceptional circumstances we may not process your online order even after “Acknowledgement of Order” has been sent. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any online order at any time for whatsoever reason at our sole discretion. In the event that any online order is rejected or cancelled not due to your default, any payment made for the said online order shall be duly refunded.

In general, we will accept your online order unless:


  1. We cannot obtain the appropriate authorisation for your online payment;
  2. We cannot complete your online payment process;
  3. We, the card issuer or the card processing service provider suspects that fraud, attempted fraud or potential fraud may be linked to the credit or debit card used in the online payment;
  4. We have run out of stock;
  5. We are unable to arrange delivery;
  6. Your online order was incomplete or not received by us due to disrupted internet connection or system breakdown; or
  7. Some unforeseen circumstances have arisen


2. Cancellation/Amendment of Online Order

Each accepted online order constitutes a legally binding agreement. We are not obliged to respond to or consider any requests to cancel or amend any online order.


In the event that we do accede to your request for cancellation or amendment of an online order, a S$15 Cancellation/Amendment Fee will be imposed on a per order basis. We reserve the right to impose reasonable terms and conditions for any consent to any cancellation/amendment of an online order.


3. Online Order Fulfillment

We shall make every effort to fulfill the accepted and fully paid online orders made by you through https://www.pacificbookstores.com


However, we shall not be liable to you or any person if we decline your online order for any reason whatsoever, or if we are unable to fulfill your accepted and fully paid online order because of unforeseen circumstances including changes to the item(s) ordered or the item(s) ordered has/have become unavailable/banned/withdrawn.


In the event an accepted and fully paid online order is found to be partially or totally unavailable before delivery, a voucher will be issued by us for those items which were not available. The said voucher may then be used to claim these unfulfilled items at the bookshops of our relevant affiliated school during its operating hours once the said items become available.


4. Pricing Policy

Be assured that we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices shown on our Website are accurate. The details and descriptions are strictly for your reference only and we do not represent or warrant the accuracy thereof.


However, errors may occur. If there is an error in the price or information displayed on our Website in respect of any of our products for which an online order has been made, we will try to contact you as soon as possible. You will then have the options of reconfirming your online order at the correct price or cancelling it.

In the event we are unable to contact you on any price error, your online order will be automatically cancelled and any payment made will be duly refunded. 


We reserve the right to make adjustments to any published price of any item due to input error, discontinuation, stock clearance under the instruction of manufacturers and distributors and errors in advertising. 


5. Warranty, Return / Exchange Policy

All items purchased from www.pacificbookstores.com are non-returnable / exchangeable except for the following:

  • items which, at the time of receipt by you, are faulty / damaged / torn. ("Damaged Items").
  • items which are different from what is stated in the order invoice. ("Wrong Items").


Please report any Damaged Items or Wrong Items to our customer service within 24 hours of receipt of the Damaged Items or Wrong Items, as the case may be.


Return / exchange of the Damaged Items or Wrong Items will be arranged at the bookshops of our affiliated schools. Do note that all Damaged Items or Wrong Items must be returned to us in their original packaging and must be accompanied with the order invoice showing the date of purchase and order reference number.


All products sold are restricted to the manufacturer's warranty only, if any. We do not warrant the quality of any of the products or their fitness for any purpose whatsoever and shall not be liable for any manufacturing or other defects howsoever arising in respect thereof.


6. Local Delivery

Deliveries are available in Singapore mainland only.

There is a minimum period of 7 workings days for the processing, packaging and delivery of all online orders.


7. Delivery Schedule and Timings

Separate delivery schedule and delivery partners have been pre-arranged for each of our affiliated schools' booklists to ensure smooth and timely delivery for all schools.You may check for your order's designated courier company in the email sent to you upon placing an order.


For the order made based on an affiliated school's booklist, you may only choose the delivery date within the delivery schedule pre-arranged for that affiliated school's booklist.

For example, if the order is made based on Anderson Primary School's booklist, the delivery dates available for that order may differ from an order made based on Marsilling Primary School's booklist.


Delivery Timeslots under SOS Delivery:

SOS Delivery

Delivery Timeslot: 9.00am - 6.00pm

Customer Service: +65 6303 0670


To ensure that all online customers receive their order(s) as scheduled, we only accept a maximum of 500 orders per time slot per delivery date. Once a time slot is full, it will no longer be available.

Online customers may only choose from the time slots that are still available to them at the time of ordering.


While we will attempt to arrange delivery based on your selected time slot and delivery date, we shall not be held liable for any delay for failing to do so or for any reason whatsoever. We reserve the right to re-schedule the delivery in the event that the delivery cannot be affected on your selected time slot and delivery date. In the event thereof, the courier will contact you accordingly.


8. Receiving your ordered items

It is your duty to ensure that you provide us with the correct and complete delivery address and all other necessary contact particulars, including your full name, contactable telephone numbers, and valid email addresses etc., when you register your account with us or when you submit your online order.


Delivery of all online orders shall be made based on the address provided by you online. We are not responsible for any failed delivery caused by incorrect provision of delivery address. An online order shall be deemed fulfilled once the ordered items are handed over to the courier to be delivered to the address provided by you.


Please ensure that someone is available to receive the ordered items during the selected time slot and delivery date. At the time of delivery, if there is no one present to receive the ordered items, the courier will contact you or leave a note informing you that a delivery was attempted and providing you with the contact information to arrange re-delivery. It is your duty to make the necessary arrangement with the courier for the re-delivery. If the courier cannot contact you and you fail to contact the courier for re-delivery, the delivery will be deemed abandoned. The online order therefore will be deemed delivered and we will not entertain any request for re-delivery or refund.


We reserve the right in our sole and absolute discretion to modify without prior warning or notice this Pacific Bookstores Online Store Policy. You agree that your continued use of our website after such modification shall constitute an affirmative acknowledgement by you of the modifications. As such, we recommend and advise you to visit this web page to review the prevailing Pacific Bookstores Online Store Policy each time you visit our website or when you make an online order.




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